What’s In Your Bag?!?!

I went to a Kenny Chesney concert when I was 14 weeks pregnant (I’m hoping to give baby boy my sense of music!). I met a lady there – long story how we met and got to talking, but we did. She told me that I should pack my hospital bag around 24 weeks, which is when her now young child was born. At 24 weeks your baby is considered viable if born that early. Her telling me that put my mind into overdrive, should I get ready that early? What do I pack?  Where should I look for pointers on what to pack? With all that being said, I hit my 31st week of pregnancy today! I did start putting together some items around my 24th week and started a list to add to my hospital bag, but now I am fully packed and ready to go to the hospital in a moments notice. 

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So, what do I have packed? Remember, I am a first timer at this and my list comes from items I selected off of Google searches and other bloggers. These are my items to make me comfy and feel prepared. If I am missing anything, please feel free to let me know. If I’ve over packed…that’s just me being me, you should see what I bring on a weekend trip to the beach! 

For Mom:

2 delivery gowns

1 comfy pajama dress


Nursing bras

Outfit to go home in – comfy



Hair ties


Makeup – only for those social media pictures 😬 

Depends (fancy pants) 

Hospital mesh undies 

Hospital grade pads

Witch hazel and aloe

For Baby:





Going home outfit


Receiving blankets


For Dad:

Clothes – both comfy and something nice for pictures 




For the bathroom for Mom and Dad:





Lotion (Body & Face)

Shampoo & Conditioner

Face wipes 

For Comfort:


Blanket for Mom &  Dad

Pillows for Mom & Dad


Boppy for baby

Electronics and chargers


Books and magazines 

So, if you’ve continued on this far to see what’s in my bag – I am thankful that I have been packed and ready, I have now been admitted to the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy. Thanks preeclampsia.


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