Listen to Your Body

It was a hot Saturday – August 3rd to be exact – I felt very sluggish, drained, dizzy – honestly just over all “off”. After a day of feeling like this (a day that I honestly over did it) and after dinner, I asked AJ to take me to the ER just to be on the safe side. After arriving to the ER, the nurses checked my blood pressure which was 183/96 and checked my blood sugar which was in the 300s; they also determined through blood work that I was dehydrated. After speaking with the doctor and due to how far along I am in my pregnancy, they decide it’s best to go the labor and delivery at my hospital. 

I take a ride in an ambulance, arrive to my delivery hospital and come to find out, the doctors and staff are prepared to deliver my baby on arrival. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case! Over the next few days there are tests, observations, doctors and nurses. I’m begging to go home because there is still so much to do and I miss my pups so much. Tuesday comes around and they give me the news that I am going to be here for the long haul, until sweet baby boy comes into the world as I have preeclampsia. This of course was not what I wanted to hear, but I’m going to do anything and everything to keep my baby healthy and happy. One thing I do request is that my IV be removed as my hand is so swollen, I can’t make a fist, and I can barely use my arm all together. Thankfully, this request is granted, woohoo – that also gives me outside privileges for 30 minutes each day – a momentary feeling of freedom in a wheelchair and family member supervision! 

The next weekend rolls around and I’m getting that overwhelming feeling of so much to do and being stuck – not in control of anything. I asked if my next round of testing comes back pretty good, is there a possibility that I could go home? OH. MY. WORD. I am given a very small glimmer of hope, and I will take it to get me through the weekend and keep my spirits up. My amazing nurses plan to start my final test – the lovely 24 hour urine test – at midnight Saturday so we can get the results super early Monday, giving doctors the chance to see my results early. Now mind you, I have a team of doctors (high risk, OBGyn), ARPN and of course my nurses, and all have to agree to allow me to go home. 

It’s finally here, Monday and it seems like everything is happening later than it did last week. My ultrasound didn’t happen until about 10:00am – a few days prior it was at 7:00am, but baby passed with flying colors! And then it finally happened, my high risk ARPN comes in, she reviewed all notes, labs, ultrasounds and have spoken to my nurses- she gives me a little more hope – but my 2 primary doctors have to agree. About an hour later my high risk doctor comes in and she is recommending me for out patient care, with home healthcare and 3 appointments each week for the remainder of my pregnancy. There’s only one more that has to agree – my OBGYN. I am getting so excited – this actually may happen. Before too long, my OBGYN comes to see me – this is the final factor – tell me good news Doc! She informs me that she is working on my discharge papers!!!!

I get busted out of labor and delivery for bed rest at home! I don’t think I have ever felt this type of excitement in a while – staring at the same 4 walls can really get to you. Even if I was not authorized to come home – I would have managed – in the end everything that I have gone through will be so worth it once I see that sweet face!


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