Listen to Your Body

It was a hot Saturday – August 3rd to be exact – I felt very sluggish, drained, dizzy – honestly just over all “off”. After a day of feeling like this (a day that I honestly over did it) and after dinner, I asked AJ to take me to the ER just to be on the safe side. After arriving to the ER, the nurses checked my blood pressure which was 183/96 and checked my blood sugar which was in the 300s; they also determined through blood work that I was dehydrated. After speaking with the doctor and due to how far along I am in my pregnancy, they decide it’s best to go the labor and delivery at my hospital. 

I take a ride in an ambulance, arrive to my delivery hospital and come to find out, the doctors and staff are prepared to deliver my baby on arrival. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case! Over the next few days there are tests, observations, doctors and nurses. I’m begging to go home because there is still so much to do and I miss my pups so much. Tuesday comes around and they give me the news that I am going to be here for the long haul, until sweet baby boy comes into the world as I have preeclampsia. This of course was not what I wanted to hear, but I’m going to do anything and everything to keep my baby healthy and happy. One thing I do request is that my IV be removed as my hand is so swollen, I can’t make a fist, and I can barely use my arm all together. Thankfully, this request is granted, woohoo – that also gives me outside privileges for 30 minutes each day – a momentary feeling of freedom in a wheelchair and family member supervision! 

The next weekend rolls around and I’m getting that overwhelming feeling of so much to do and being stuck – not in control of anything. I asked if my next round of testing comes back pretty good, is there a possibility that I could go home? OH. MY. WORD. I am given a very small glimmer of hope, and I will take it to get me through the weekend and keep my spirits up. My amazing nurses plan to start my final test – the lovely 24 hour urine test – at midnight Saturday so we can get the results super early Monday, giving doctors the chance to see my results early. Now mind you, I have a team of doctors (high risk, OBGyn), ARPN and of course my nurses, and all have to agree to allow me to go home. 

It’s finally here, Monday and it seems like everything is happening later than it did last week. My ultrasound didn’t happen until about 10:00am – a few days prior it was at 7:00am, but baby passed with flying colors! And then it finally happened, my high risk ARPN comes in, she reviewed all notes, labs, ultrasounds and have spoken to my nurses- she gives me a little more hope – but my 2 primary doctors have to agree. About an hour later my high risk doctor comes in and she is recommending me for out patient care, with home healthcare and 3 appointments each week for the remainder of my pregnancy. There’s only one more that has to agree – my OBGYN. I am getting so excited – this actually may happen. Before too long, my OBGYN comes to see me – this is the final factor – tell me good news Doc! She informs me that she is working on my discharge papers!!!!

I get busted out of labor and delivery for bed rest at home! I don’t think I have ever felt this type of excitement in a while – staring at the same 4 walls can really get to you. Even if I was not authorized to come home – I would have managed – in the end everything that I have gone through will be so worth it once I see that sweet face!

What’s In Your Bag?!?!

I went to a Kenny Chesney concert when I was 14 weeks pregnant (I’m hoping to give baby boy my sense of music!). I met a lady there – long story how we met and got to talking, but we did. She told me that I should pack my hospital bag around 24 weeks, which is when her now young child was born. At 24 weeks your baby is considered viable if born that early. Her telling me that put my mind into overdrive, should I get ready that early? What do I pack?  Where should I look for pointers on what to pack? With all that being said, I hit my 31st week of pregnancy today! I did start putting together some items around my 24th week and started a list to add to my hospital bag, but now I am fully packed and ready to go to the hospital in a moments notice. 

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So, what do I have packed? Remember, I am a first timer at this and my list comes from items I selected off of Google searches and other bloggers. These are my items to make me comfy and feel prepared. If I am missing anything, please feel free to let me know. If I’ve over packed…that’s just me being me, you should see what I bring on a weekend trip to the beach! 

For Mom:

2 delivery gowns

1 comfy pajama dress


Nursing bras

Outfit to go home in – comfy



Hair ties


Makeup – only for those social media pictures 😬 

Depends (fancy pants) 

Hospital mesh undies 

Hospital grade pads

Witch hazel and aloe

For Baby:





Going home outfit


Receiving blankets


For Dad:

Clothes – both comfy and something nice for pictures 




For the bathroom for Mom and Dad:





Lotion (Body & Face)

Shampoo & Conditioner

Face wipes 

For Comfort:


Blanket for Mom &  Dad

Pillows for Mom & Dad


Boppy for baby

Electronics and chargers


Books and magazines 

So, if you’ve continued on this far to see what’s in my bag – I am thankful that I have been packed and ready, I have now been admitted to the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy. Thanks preeclampsia.

It’s That Time…Bed Rest

Today starts the next chapter in my pregnancy, bed rest. Finally, I can kick back and eat bonbons, right?!? I wish you could hear the sound of a record scratching right now. I can at least hear it in my head. 

No sitting back eating bonbons for me. With the gestational diabetes, I have to be very careful with my carb intake. Now with the crazy high blood pressure (when I’m up doing normal day to day activities), I have to watch my salt intake. 

During my last few doctor visits, my blood pressure has been high – high enough that I’ve been sent to labor and delivery for observation and testing. My first visit I stayed for a couple of hours, had blood-work and urinalysis came back normal, great – I had a bit of road rage on the way to the hospital…that issue is for a different blog. 😵🤫 After a couple of hours of laying in the hospital, playing on Facebook, chatting and texting, my blood pressure was back to damn near perfect so I’m sent home, just a stressful day, no biggie. 

My second visit was a bit longer, but yet again after laying in the hospital bed for a few hours, blood pressure is back to normal. But, now I need to do a 24 hour urine sample to check my protein – they are trying to rule out preeclampsia. The doctors excuse me from work the following day to complete my 24 hour urine sample. Thankfully they did, I don’t think my coworkers would’ve enjoyed me reserving my own stall or the idea of me collecting my pee all day and keeping it nice and cold on ice. Yep this is a job to do in the privacy of your home. 24 hours go by and now it’s Friday, ready to get back to work. I get up do my normal morning routine, feeling a little tired, but this is the third trimester so tired is something I’m used to by now. I get to work and within 30 minutes I can tell something isn’t right, my hands are tingling, I feel extremely cold (very unusual, I keep my house at 68 degrees), my mouth feels dry, I’m dizzy and feel like I could faint at any moment. I ask a coworker for help to see if anyone has a blood pressure machine. I’m unable to check my blood pressure, but there is someone that works there that is a former nurse, she takes a quick look at me and tells me to get to the hospital. I have a coworker follow me home to drop my car off and collect my urine that I’d saved (I was to bring it in during lunch that day). While I am grabbing everything to head to labor and delivery AGAIN, I decided to check my blood pressure…196/100! Oh my word, now I’m really scared; I know these numbers aren’t good. I get to the hospital, check in, more blood work, hand over my 24 hour sample and pee in a cup again for them. I’m back in the same bed, same room that I’ve seen two other times prior. Once again all labs come back normal and after nearly 6 hours of that lovely bed and laying around, my blood pressure is back to normal. Released again, now what – something has to be wrong.  

I have a follow up appointment the next Thursday, almost a week after the last episode. I continue to monitor myself over the next week, numbers are elevated – not nearly as high as 196/100, thank goodness. The following day is here, I check my blood pressure before leaving for work like I’ve been doing, 169/100…that’s not good. I get to work and as the morning is going, I start feeling pretty bad again. I leave a little early to get to the my doctor earlier. I sign in and let them know right away I’m not doing too well. I get taken back, urine sample please, now blood pressure check, 154/105 and I’m now seeing stars and feeling faint. My blood sugar is also checked, 203, uh oh, that’s not good either. The doctor comes in, doesn’t stop at go, doesn’t collect $200, immediately sends me back to labor and delivery. I get settled in, this time I’m in the room next to the one I’m used to, same set up, just turned around. The nurses come in, take my blood as I’m crying, I hate this part. I’m prescribed medication to bring my blood pressure down -finally something is being done so I think. A couple hours of being hooked up to monitors and listening to my baby’s heartbeat – I do love that part – the nurses come back. Well your blood pressure is back down to normal and labs look great! Now what?!? Well, your doctor is putting you in bed rest. Oh?!? I thought I was getting the medication, will it be both? I’m in a bit of a panic looking at that 117/63 blood pressure now – will my numbers get too low being on medication and bed rest?!? She tells me that is a fantastic question and wants to confirm it with my doctor. A few minutes go by and she’s back, no medication. When I’m isolated in a sitting position with my legs elevated or laying down, I’m great, but as soon as I try to do anything normal, my numbers go alarming high. 

So here we are, day one of bed rest and I’m already bored. Isn’t this the time to eat the yummy fattening foods without guilt and to be out and about showing off that growing belly you’re so proud of? Y’all wish me luck, and send me a KitKat every once in a while. Cheers to 8ish more weeks!

Decorating the Nursery!!!

Before we really get into the fun of picking colors, themes, looks…all that fun stuff, allow me to take you back about a year ago. After getting frustrated with my sweet and innocent pups, Lattimore and Patrick, for deciding to use my spare room to “mark their territory”, I decided to rip the carpet out and begin a DIY project of installing tile. I guess this should be where I mention I am not good at DIY stuff, crafts or anything like that; I get annoyed and frustrated by the thought of any of it. Thankfully, A.J. and my cousin are both handy and lend a helping hand when I realized I was WAY over my head. In just a few days, my floors looked amazing with a gray tile. A few days later I go grab some gray paint to paint the room to match the floors. Again, I am not good at these types of jobs and failed to complete this task. 

Around 13 weeks pregnant, we deicide we are good to start getting the room prepped to be turned into a nursery. The walls still have not been completely painted (about a year later) and I remember the gray paint I got. Perfect, it is gender neutral as we have not had our gender reveal yet and have decided to use neutral colors until we know the gender. A.J. and I grab paint brushes and start to slap that paint on the walls. I have to stop shortly after as the smell of the paint isn’t sitting well with me. I walk back into the room, with a nervous voice I tell A.J. we have to stop painting – the paint is BLUE/GREEN, not gray at all. The color is actually very pretty, but if we have a beautiful baby girl, we don’t want blue/green walls. Of course, nothing is wrong with those colors for girls, but I absolutely love the color pink. I am even blogging from my rose gold (pink) laptop! We leave the room as is until we have the gender reveal (still many, many weeks away – this may have been when I texted Aubrey the article on secrets and friendships). 

If you read my last blog, you know that we have now had our gender reveal and it’s a boy, so we will finish painting the room the “gray”, blue/green color we originally started with. Once again I am unable to help paint as the smell is just too much for me to handle. The walls are beautiful. Next we add the cherry wood crib and rocking chair. Then the matching distressed blue dresser and chest of drawers. It is now time to choose a theme. 

For those of you that follow me on social media, you already know I have a major love for sloths! A.J. got me the coolest black and white picture of a baby sloth a while ago -I see that picture and we agree to use that as inspiration for a theme. Baby animals it is, although there are a few more sloths than any other animals in the room. I really hope our sweet baby boy takes on my love for sloths! 

Little by little we have added to the nursery, cute sayings here and there, baby stuffed animals perfectly placed around the room, baby gates installed to keep my furry babies out, pictures hung on the walls, clothes washed and hung in the closet (no, I have not gone overboard with the clothes – I have to keep telling myself that). With all that, I think I can honestly say we have a nursey that is well on its way to being ready for our sweet baby!

Pink or Blue – We Love You

The gender of your baby – huge topic – do you want to be surprised at birth? Find out and have a gender reveal? Find out and keep that secret for yourself? So many options for you to decide as a parent!

For A.J. and I we want to find out at our gender reveal with our parents, family and friends. Me personally, I want to know as soon as possible to start shopping! But, A.J. really wants us (as a couple) to find out with our parents by our sides, so that’s what we do. This is not going to be easy, as I am high risk, so that means at 11 weeks I have testing done to determine if our baby has any chromosome abnormalities, this test comes with gender testing, that is supposed to be 100% accurate – that means that at 12 weeks along we would have the results and he wants me to not “peek”. My besties Shawn and Aubrey take on the role of being the keeper of the gender, I know these two are very strong willed and would never break no matter how many times I asked, beg or plead. Our doctor does disclose the results of the chromosome testing and all come back as little to no risk. I give Aubrey the information to set up an online profile to pull the results of the gender, now to start planning the gender reveal party. A.J., his Mom (Vicki), Aubrey and myself pick the date, May 19th – that means I will have to wait almost 2 months to find out if we are team pink or team blue. That is a very long wait and knowing someone is keeping a secret from me for that long, no good.

I text Shawn and Aubrey on a regular basis, hoping for a slip up. I send them articles on how keeping secrets can affect your health and friendships, I beg and plead for the next 2 months and nothing. At least I know I have amazing friends that will keep my deepest and darkest secrets to themselves, and trust me – I’ve known these two for a hot minute and they have some dirt on me. Anyhow, I guess I will have to wait until we crack open that stork piñata.

May 19th finally arrives, decorations are up, food is being cooked – A.J. is BBQing, which is he very good at doing! People are arriving, excitement is in the air as we all wait for the time to grab that bat and put it to the stork. What will come out, pink candies or blue? I have on my pink and white dress, I am hoping for that sweet baby girl, but I have on blue sandals, because deep down I know this sweet child of mine will one day be a sweet, strong man. But we will have to wait until everyone eats and mingles to get that confirmation we all are waiting for.

To go back one day, we are getting things set up and ready and discuss the piñata. You see A.J. is a former professional baseball player and I want in on the action too, if he goes first that stork piñata will be done with one shot. Vicki and A.J. decide to work with me on my hitting abilities – of course I don’t want to break my back, accidentally throw the bat or heaven forbid miss the damn stork all together! I take a bat and start going to town on a bush for some much needed practice before the big day tomorrow.

Back to the gender reveal! It’s finally time, we all gather around the stork that’s been hung. I take that bat and try to remember the pointers A.J. and Vicki gave me the day before and holy smokes, I hit the piñata – first try, but it doesn’t open. I look at A.J. and he motions for me to swing again, contact – AGAIN! But, no candy to be seen anywhere – one more shot and it now slightly cracks open, I try to hand off the bat for A.J. to take his shot, he motions again for me to go on – I think deep down he wants to see the candy fly out before I do, hehe! Ok Lindsay, you’ve got this, I think to myself, I get this bat ready, I feel my palms start to sweat, all eyes are on me and this stork – I feel the contact one more time – and there comes flying out blue candy, Hersey Kisses wrapped in blue, sucker wrapped in blue, so much BLUE CANDY to be seen! We are having a baby BOY, both A.J. and I are super excited – A.J. more so, he let it be known from the very beginning that he wanted a boy. But seriously y’all, this excitement is abruptly changed to an uh oh moment – I am a true Southern Lady and can never tell a lie, I had to run as soon as I saw the candy to change my clothes, with all that swinging, excitement and jumping, I straight up pee’d myself, yes y’all – it is true, with pregnancy you may tinkle yourself from time to time! AND, I’ve heard it continues after pregnancy – time to try out the kegel exercises.

Well, now that we know the gender, you know what this means – SHOPPING! Please excuse me while I make a run to gather a few more items for my boy’s nursey…

How Loss Has Shaped Me Into Who I Am Today

This one is going to be a long one, but important.

I come with many layers and many sides, each of those get pulled back one at a time. I’m easy to get to know me on the surface, but it’s hard to really let people in. One of those layers is death – experiencing the loss of those that are closest to me. I’ve learned life can change as quickly as the blink of an eye, and this lesson has come in the form of many losses – my Stepdad, Bio-Dad, my husband, and most recently my Grandfather – the most significant and impactful being Wade (my husband). It doesn’t mean my two Dads and Grandfather were less important or less loved, but the death of a spouse is just different, especially at such a young age (34). Today, July 5, would have been our 5th wedding anniversary – we dated for 4 years before finally getting hitched.

Wade and I met in 2010, our official date is September 11, 2010 – that’s the day we became inseparable. Wade was extremely smart, funny, outgoing and just a joy to be around. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of times we needed to get away from each other, but I’ve never met a couple that doesn’t bicker and need a moment for fresh air. Wade was my rock, he taught me that anything is obtainable. I watched this man work full time and go to school full time, doing so with a smile on his face and the occasional why am I doing this to myself. Wade led by example to always push yourself, he would push me to do the best I can and to be the best person I possibly could be. He was a witty man, very sarcastic, caring and extremely smart. I got my love for travel from him. We weren’t able to travel too often or too far because of work and school schedules, but after he passed, I started to visit some of the places we had on our “places to see list”. I can now say I have been out of the south and out of the country, going as far west as you can go in the States (San Francisco) and going tropical to the British Virgin Islands! Because of these missed opportunities, I’ve learned to live more in the moment instead of so planned out and scheduled.

My Stepdad taught me to not be so closed off, like I said earlier – it’s hard for me to let people in – I’ll probably always have to work on this. When he first came into our lives, I was a bratty youngster that didn’t like change and took that out on him for many years. A lot of change in my life came with him. It was no longer us three girls (my Mom, sister and me). Then there was the move from Charleston to Florida – I did not want to leave Charleston, it will always be home and one of my most favorite places! When I got out of high school, our relationship started to change, I saw him for who he really was – a caring man, loving, my goodness he thought the sun rose and set out of my Mom’s ass (that’s how much he loved my Mom). My only regret is waiting too long to opening up to him. It wasn’t long after I did so that the doctors found the cancer and he fought hard as hell to beat, but the cancer took him in 2003 at the age of 46. I try hard not to be so guarded nowadays, and to let people in a little sooner.

My Bio-Dad taught me a lot, but the one that comes to mind as I’m writing this, keep up with your mental health. My Dad was a strong man, stood about 6’1 – I definitely did not get his height with my 5’2 frame. I looked up to him figuratively and literally! One of my favorite memories of my Dad was when I was super young, we’d go on our bike rides around the neighborhood and stop for ice cream on our way home. I have good memories with my Dad, but he also had a rough side to him. He drank and wasn’t always the nicest person when he did. I remember times that he would say things to piss me off and we’d go a while without talking (we’re both stubborn), but I was a Daddy’s Girl and we’d eventually start talking again. My most hated memory is waking up around 11:30 (pm) and seeing I’ve missed 24 calls from my Stepmom, sister and Mom, I knew this couldn’t be good. A few hours after those calls started, my Dad died by suicide. If you have suicidal thoughts, please talk to someone and seek help. If you need to talk to someone, the National Suicide Prevention Helpline is below.

Sometimes a lesson someone will teach you will be something they say and be so simple, but powerful. Because of my grandfather I will never walk through a parking lot without something in my hand -keys or my phone. This is just in case someone isn’t paying attention and starts to backup while walking in their path – have something to toss at the car in the event you don’t have time to make a quick move to get out of their way. Let’s be honest, in this day, people are super busy and small things like looking at your surroundings get missed at times.

Back to Wade, when he died, a part of me died too. That day I just knew I would never see or know happiness again. But, it’s amazing what the heart can do – it can break into a million tiny pieces, put itself back together (although there are now scars). It will grow bigger to allow a new/fresh love to form, while still holding onto the love you have for those that have gained their beautiful wings and are now watching over you. I never in a million years thought I would be able to say my heart, at this moment in time is bursting. Because of A.J., I now get to experience the love a mother has for her child. This truly is the most amazing feeling there is to have!

I have taken on the position that I don’t want these great losses to define me – they most definitely have shaped and formed me along the way. But if I let them define me, I would be an angry, why me, bitter person. This has been my choice to continue to love them and love my memories with them, but also allow my life to continue, and keep them a part of every step. I just hope they are all looking down on me with an ice-cold adult beverage, smiling, saying that’s our girl!

National Suicide Prevention Helpline: 800-273-8255

My Pregnancy Symptoms

What Are Pregnancy Symptoms Like?!?

**Disclaimer, adult material/female issues – no holding back – proceed with caution!**

Here is what I have read about what pregnancy symptoms are: missed period – for some, like myself, this is hard to gauge, sore boobs, fatigue, nausea “morning sickness”, mood changes, frequent urination, headaches, back pains, vaginal discharge, darkening areola, dizziness, constipation…if you are a female, I am sure you have looked up pregnancy symptoms once or twice in your life. 

So, what if you don’t have the traditional symptoms? Are there other symptoms out there? Everyone is completely different; every pregnancy is completely different…that’s the first thing to know! 

Here is what I have/am experiencing. As I am writing this, I am 25 weeks and 5 days (1 week shy from 7 months pregnant). My first signs were tiredness and shortly after came on the frequent urination, textbook symptoms. I have no other symptoms, well, my breasts have become a bit bigger, but no “soreness”. Is something wrong because I do not have many of the normal signs of pregnancy? At 5 weeks I had my first ultrasound, and sure enough there is a baby in there. Everything seems to be going just fine! But the worry is still there because I do not have many symptoms. 

I was 36 when I became pregnant, will be 37 at birth, that means I am automatically high risk – and let me tell you – in the beginning I was reminded “how old” I am, got it, I am not an ideal age for carrying a baby, but I’ve got this, thank you! I don’t know if it’s my age, my body or just this pregnancy and this baby that will dictate what I will experience during this pregnancy. 

Here comes my non-traditional symptom, but normal to happen during pregnancy. Honestly, I am even stalling to type this out – turn back now if you don’t want to go further with the truth about what can come with pregnancy. Here we go – the horrid yeast infection (YI), something I have never in my life experienced. I went to my OBGyn, we discussed what’s going on and tests were done, medication is given. Thankfully relief will come soon! A few days later, I get a call and now I am told I have a UTI as well and an antibiotic is called in for me. I finally have relief from the YI and honestly had no signs of a UTI, but I have never had one of those either so I can’t say with 100% certainty that I would know what to look for. I start my antibiotic and within a day I now have a YI that has come back with a vengeance – I think Satan himself crawled out of the gates of Hell and did this to me. I later find out the antibiotic brought this hell’s fury back and this son-of-a-bitch would be here to stay. And I am not kidding, the reason I was scared to even start typing the words is I do not want to jinx it and have it return – it lasted a LONG time, to the point that I could barely get out of bed and I had to quit working out as walking was extremely painful at times. I prayed daily that God would remove Satan from my vagina and release me from Satan’s fury. It took a while, but like I said it finally went away, thank you God! If you are in this boat, be honest with your doctor and work together to get you some relief. I am sorry you are going through this as well. For me, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I do take a daily probiotic and cranberry chew to help me keep these away. 

Another random symptom I have, my gums will start to bleed out of nowhere and when I brush my teeth – that really gets my gums bleeding. I probably should go see my dentist, but honestly haven’t had the time to do so – I will make that phone call Monday – thank you for the reminder! 

Remember the Type 2 Diabetes? Yep, I am already diagnosed (early) with gestational diabetes. With my Type 2, I am controlled with diet and exercise. Since my original diagnoses, I have been on medication a few times for a year here and there, but mainly diet and exercise was good enough for my body. I would check my A1C through my doctor, but unless I was going through a medication phase, I really didn’t check my blood sugars through finger pricks, unless I felt bad. I tell you this so you can understand my fear of needles – I hate them – I am not the best at being a diabetic, I even hate pricking my fingers, IT FREAKING HURTS! At my first High Risk appointment, I am asked to bring in my blood sugar levels for two weeks, and I do as many as I remember, which means I missed about 4 checks in those two weeks, not too bad for me. My numbers were nowhere near what the Doctor would want them. After my ultrasound, I am sent home to pack for the weekend and head directly to the hospital for a few nights to get my blood sugar under control. The next few days there are IVs, insulin shots, blood draws, educational food experts, Endocrinologist, crying, pacing, how am I going to do this? I now have to start taking insulin even after I leave the hospital – I will faint looking at a needle going into my skin. I just can’t. A.J. to the rescue – he makes sure that I am given every shot I am supposed to have – some hurt, some I think I am getting used to the injection, but then those that HURT like hell get in there, I guess it’s a balance. It is amazing what you can and will do for that little human growing inside of you. I count down daily how much longer I have until I can stop these shots – 14 weeks as of now. And fingers crossed I can stop the insulin once the baby is here. 

I wonder if my two “bad” symptoms are payback for not having many of the common prego symptoms. I do read stories of ladies not being able to keep anything down because the morning sickness is so bad or ladies that can’t sleep because of the soreness they experience. Whatever you experience during your pregnancy, just remember you’ve got this! This is when us ladies get to show these men what exactly we are made of and why our bodies are so much cooler than theirs! J

If you are looking to get a breast pump or other pregnancy supplies, check out this supplier. I was able to get the breast pump I had on my registry through my insurance! It was hassle-free and they did all the work for me. I had my new breast pump within 10 days from the day I qualified!