It’s That Time…Bed Rest

Today starts the next chapter in my pregnancy, bed rest. Finally, I can kick back and eat bonbons, right?!? I wish you could hear the sound of a record scratching right now. I can at least hear it in my head. 

No sitting back eating bonbons for me. With the gestational diabetes, I have to be very careful with my carb intake. Now with the crazy high blood pressure (when I’m up doing normal day to day activities), I have to watch my salt intake. 

During my last few doctor visits, my blood pressure has been high – high enough that I’ve been sent to labor and delivery for observation and testing. My first visit I stayed for a couple of hours, had blood-work and urinalysis came back normal, great – I had a bit of road rage on the way to the hospital…that issue is for a different blog. 😵🤫 After a couple of hours of laying in the hospital, playing on Facebook, chatting and texting, my blood pressure was back to damn near perfect so I’m sent home, just a stressful day, no biggie. 

My second visit was a bit longer, but yet again after laying in the hospital bed for a few hours, blood pressure is back to normal. But, now I need to do a 24 hour urine sample to check my protein – they are trying to rule out preeclampsia. The doctors excuse me from work the following day to complete my 24 hour urine sample. Thankfully they did, I don’t think my coworkers would’ve enjoyed me reserving my own stall or the idea of me collecting my pee all day and keeping it nice and cold on ice. Yep this is a job to do in the privacy of your home. 24 hours go by and now it’s Friday, ready to get back to work. I get up do my normal morning routine, feeling a little tired, but this is the third trimester so tired is something I’m used to by now. I get to work and within 30 minutes I can tell something isn’t right, my hands are tingling, I feel extremely cold (very unusual, I keep my house at 68 degrees), my mouth feels dry, I’m dizzy and feel like I could faint at any moment. I ask a coworker for help to see if anyone has a blood pressure machine. I’m unable to check my blood pressure, but there is someone that works there that is a former nurse, she takes a quick look at me and tells me to get to the hospital. I have a coworker follow me home to drop my car off and collect my urine that I’d saved (I was to bring it in during lunch that day). While I am grabbing everything to head to labor and delivery AGAIN, I decided to check my blood pressure…196/100! Oh my word, now I’m really scared; I know these numbers aren’t good. I get to the hospital, check in, more blood work, hand over my 24 hour sample and pee in a cup again for them. I’m back in the same bed, same room that I’ve seen two other times prior. Once again all labs come back normal and after nearly 6 hours of that lovely bed and laying around, my blood pressure is back to normal. Released again, now what – something has to be wrong.  

I have a follow up appointment the next Thursday, almost a week after the last episode. I continue to monitor myself over the next week, numbers are elevated – not nearly as high as 196/100, thank goodness. The following day is here, I check my blood pressure before leaving for work like I’ve been doing, 169/100…that’s not good. I get to work and as the morning is going, I start feeling pretty bad again. I leave a little early to get to the my doctor earlier. I sign in and let them know right away I’m not doing too well. I get taken back, urine sample please, now blood pressure check, 154/105 and I’m now seeing stars and feeling faint. My blood sugar is also checked, 203, uh oh, that’s not good either. The doctor comes in, doesn’t stop at go, doesn’t collect $200, immediately sends me back to labor and delivery. I get settled in, this time I’m in the room next to the one I’m used to, same set up, just turned around. The nurses come in, take my blood as I’m crying, I hate this part. I’m prescribed medication to bring my blood pressure down -finally something is being done so I think. A couple hours of being hooked up to monitors and listening to my baby’s heartbeat – I do love that part – the nurses come back. Well your blood pressure is back down to normal and labs look great! Now what?!? Well, your doctor is putting you in bed rest. Oh?!? I thought I was getting the medication, will it be both? I’m in a bit of a panic looking at that 117/63 blood pressure now – will my numbers get too low being on medication and bed rest?!? She tells me that is a fantastic question and wants to confirm it with my doctor. A few minutes go by and she’s back, no medication. When I’m isolated in a sitting position with my legs elevated or laying down, I’m great, but as soon as I try to do anything normal, my numbers go alarming high. 

So here we are, day one of bed rest and I’m already bored. Isn’t this the time to eat the yummy fattening foods without guilt and to be out and about showing off that growing belly you’re so proud of? Y’all wish me luck, and send me a KitKat every once in a while. Cheers to 8ish more weeks!