Pink or Blue – We Love You

The gender of your baby – huge topic – do you want to be surprised at birth? Find out and have a gender reveal? Find out and keep that secret for yourself? So many options for you to decide as a parent!

For A.J. and I we want to find out at our gender reveal with our parents, family and friends. Me personally, I want to know as soon as possible to start shopping! But, A.J. really wants us (as a couple) to find out with our parents by our sides, so that’s what we do. This is not going to be easy, as I am high risk, so that means at 11 weeks I have testing done to determine if our baby has any chromosome abnormalities, this test comes with gender testing, that is supposed to be 100% accurate – that means that at 12 weeks along we would have the results and he wants me to not “peek”. My besties Shawn and Aubrey take on the role of being the keeper of the gender, I know these two are very strong willed and would never break no matter how many times I asked, beg or plead. Our doctor does disclose the results of the chromosome testing and all come back as little to no risk. I give Aubrey the information to set up an online profile to pull the results of the gender, now to start planning the gender reveal party. A.J., his Mom (Vicki), Aubrey and myself pick the date, May 19th – that means I will have to wait almost 2 months to find out if we are team pink or team blue. That is a very long wait and knowing someone is keeping a secret from me for that long, no good.

I text Shawn and Aubrey on a regular basis, hoping for a slip up. I send them articles on how keeping secrets can affect your health and friendships, I beg and plead for the next 2 months and nothing. At least I know I have amazing friends that will keep my deepest and darkest secrets to themselves, and trust me – I’ve known these two for a hot minute and they have some dirt on me. Anyhow, I guess I will have to wait until we crack open that stork piñata.

May 19th finally arrives, decorations are up, food is being cooked – A.J. is BBQing, which is he very good at doing! People are arriving, excitement is in the air as we all wait for the time to grab that bat and put it to the stork. What will come out, pink candies or blue? I have on my pink and white dress, I am hoping for that sweet baby girl, but I have on blue sandals, because deep down I know this sweet child of mine will one day be a sweet, strong man. But we will have to wait until everyone eats and mingles to get that confirmation we all are waiting for.

To go back one day, we are getting things set up and ready and discuss the piñata. You see A.J. is a former professional baseball player and I want in on the action too, if he goes first that stork piñata will be done with one shot. Vicki and A.J. decide to work with me on my hitting abilities – of course I don’t want to break my back, accidentally throw the bat or heaven forbid miss the damn stork all together! I take a bat and start going to town on a bush for some much needed practice before the big day tomorrow.

Back to the gender reveal! It’s finally time, we all gather around the stork that’s been hung. I take that bat and try to remember the pointers A.J. and Vicki gave me the day before and holy smokes, I hit the piñata – first try, but it doesn’t open. I look at A.J. and he motions for me to swing again, contact – AGAIN! But, no candy to be seen anywhere – one more shot and it now slightly cracks open, I try to hand off the bat for A.J. to take his shot, he motions again for me to go on – I think deep down he wants to see the candy fly out before I do, hehe! Ok Lindsay, you’ve got this, I think to myself, I get this bat ready, I feel my palms start to sweat, all eyes are on me and this stork – I feel the contact one more time – and there comes flying out blue candy, Hersey Kisses wrapped in blue, sucker wrapped in blue, so much BLUE CANDY to be seen! We are having a baby BOY, both A.J. and I are super excited – A.J. more so, he let it be known from the very beginning that he wanted a boy. But seriously y’all, this excitement is abruptly changed to an uh oh moment – I am a true Southern Lady and can never tell a lie, I had to run as soon as I saw the candy to change my clothes, with all that swinging, excitement and jumping, I straight up pee’d myself, yes y’all – it is true, with pregnancy you may tinkle yourself from time to time! AND, I’ve heard it continues after pregnancy – time to try out the kegel exercises.

Well, now that we know the gender, you know what this means – SHOPPING! Please excuse me while I make a run to gather a few more items for my boy’s nursey…